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Mission Statement :

The mission of the Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission (PMIC) is to ensure good governance, transparent and accountable administration in the Federal Government’s Ministries, Divisions, Departments and Autonomous Bodies through monitoring, evaluation and enabling guidelines.

The test of any administration, whether at the micro-level of the Union Council or the macro-level of the Federal Government is the lawful and efficient conduct of business and the speedy and judicious delivery of service.

The Prime Minister's Inspection Commission has endeavored, over the last three years, to subject numerous State organs to this test while remaining within the principles enunciated in its mandate which holds that PMIC will only proceed when cases are entrusted to it by the Prime Minister. The total number of cases processed ever since PMIC was revived in 2004 to 2008 was only 3. Whereas between July 2008 and June 2011, the PMIC has processed 47 cases which amounts to an average of about 1.30 cases per month.

The increasing load of work led to streamlining the PMIC. In December 2010, the Grievances Wings after substantial improvement in the structure and working system were shifted to the Prime Minister's Secretariat. Thus the PMIC became more focused on larger institutional issues.

Simultaneous to these cases, the PMIC took proactive action as a think-tank. It began to appraise issues of national importance in in-house brain-storming sessions. This created synergy amongst the members of the PMIC as well as activated the dynamic of thinking out of the box. Some of these sessions led to submission of information summaries for the Prime Minister.

It is a source of particular satisfaction that the role of the PMIC has expanded in consonance with the requirement of good governance and efficient government.

The PMIC has also persistently held that its reports are public documents and advocated that they help ensure transparency and accountability. Now it has placed its annual performance on its website for greater public access.

It is a source of particular satisfaction that PMIC is meeting the challenges of greater trust and wider responsibilities. It is hoped that PMIC's enabling guidelines have contributed, and will continue to contribute, to more efficient systems and a brighter future for a nation of almost 180 million people of Pakistan.


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Chairman Profile

Lt. Col. Saif-Ud-Din Qureshi, (Retd)


Prime Minisnter’s Inspection Commission,
Prime  Minster’s Office, Islamabad.